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There’s no doubt about it, cross border B2C Customs Compliance is very complex.
But that’s our responsibility, not yours.  As part of our service we provide comprehensive compliance support including;
  • Zero-rating reporting 
  • USA-TTB Certificate of Label Approval (COLA)
  • Producer FDA Registration
  • Automated ATO/IRD WET rebate reporting 
  • FDA Prior Notice Filing
  • Pre-Alert NotificationsObsidian Testimonial.png
  • NZ Customs Export Declarations 
  • Destination Customs Clearance Filing
  • Inter-State/Provincial Import Permissions & Filing 


Prior to our inception in 2006 the direct sales channel suffered from low confidence levels. After listening and learning about the channel needs, we set out to build an operating model that encompassed numerous solutions to satisfy wine sellers, consumers and export compliance.

Today we’re incredibly proud of our highly specialised direct to international consumer export platform.

Our fully inclusive, to-door export and distribution solutions help Producers and Leading Retailers sell with total confidence. Safe in the knowledge that their precious wine will be delivered safely, to the doors of their valued customers.


Online Software Support


Packaging & Logistics Solutions


Customer Solutions

  • Secure web-portal access


  • Bespoke 'Thermo-Eco' export packaging


  • REST-API e-commerce enabling technology
  • Efficient & accurate data processing


  • Large format options


  • Specialist wine metrics software, benchmarking detailed data analytics
  • Customer look-up library


  • Each bottle hand checked and hand packed


  • Free phone 0800 number & rapid response email support
  • Compliance management tools


  • Full visibility and tracking right through to final delivery


  • Comprehensive sales collateral
  • Wine club functionality


  • Special delivery notes facility 


  • Single transaction direct sales model
  • Customizable sales preference settings


  • Automated printable warehouse address labels


  • Fully inclusive, insurance & destination taxes & duties
  • Automated customer email order status alert
  • Global network of destination partners that work directly for nzwinehome
  • High visibility delivery including SMS & email alerts
  • Multi-Currency quoting tool
  • Sales Reporting
  • Access export dispatch schedule

We would love the opportunity to share the benefits of joining our partnership programme. | 0800 946 649