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We work in Partnership with New Zealand’s finest Wine Producers and Leading Retailers, supporting them with specialist Direct to International Consumer distribution services.

The provision of highest quality export and import services enables our Participating Partners to sell directly to their customers around the globe.



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Using the two options below, select the International Wine Delivery Service you require:


I wish to arrange international delivery of my wine sales
Specialist Direct to International Consumer distribution services for Wine Producers and Wine Retailers.
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I am considering purchasing some wines from NZ and wish to send them home
I have already acquired a selection of wines which I wish to send home
View our participating wineries to purchase directly
Arrange delivery of a personal collection.
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Thanks for this and can I compliment you on handling this professionally and commercially and expeditiously. Thanks again.
I'm just writing to say thank you so much for the brilliant service you guys offer! My NZ wines collection all arrived here safe and sound a few weeks ago. It was the middle of harvest so I forgot to reply then as I was crazy busy. I have already started to sample a few of them. Great to have them by my side again. I run a group on facebook with over 6000 winemakers and other folk in the wine industry. I will be sure to sing your praises with all the members!
I have received the 30 bottles. The package was perfect.Thank you very much for your help and congratulation to all the nzwine home team.
Thank you very much for all your work and efforts. It was and is great to have the wine delivered over here in such a short time and with little to no issues.

Thank you.
Stuart W Avery