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Commercial Delivery Service

Our aim is to partner wineries and wine retailers to help secure international "direct to consumer" sales.

We do not sell wine and believe that the wine-seller should hold and own the relationship with the end consumer. To this end we work in commercial partnership with wineries & wine retailers to arrange international delivery of wine that they have sold either in person, or via e-commerce to their consumers. Our commercial customers manage the entire transaction with their consumer, this includes receiving payment for both wine and export fees.

Following a simple online order submission, wine is then sent to our warehouse where we repackage and prepare for export in consolidated consignments. We operate on consistent and transparent procedures to all destinations. Our committed team, in co-operation with our destination import agents manage the entire export process including NZ export documentation, destination import clearance, tax & duty payment along with final delivery to the consumer's door.

Wineries & wine retailers can expect:
  • Benefit of 35+ years combined team experience
  • Point of sale support including posters & sales brochures
  • Online order entry and delivery status
  • Clear and consistent procedures to assist you and your staff
  • 0800 fee phone support
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Access to our online multicurrency &quick quote" application

For further information please either Register or contact us directly: 0800-946649 or email delivery@nzwinehome.co.nz.


NB: We encourage wine consumers to buy wine directly from our participating wineries & retailers. When this occurs wineries & retailers will complete export processing with us directly. There are occasions where consumers have already purchased wines and we therefore provide a personal delivery service option for these requirements. The costs of such service are considerably greater than via the commercial delivery. If you wish to view these costs, visit the personal delivery section and click on "book export". Export fees will show when a country is selected on the drop down list.