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Scenario 1:

I am considering purchasing some fine New Zealand wine and wish to send them to an international address.


Scenario 2:

I have already acquired a selection of wine and would like to book a personal export.

We encourage wine consumers to buy wine directly from our participating wineries & retailers. When this occurs wineries & retailers will complete export processing with us directly.  

To view our Export fees and to arrange to send a personal order of wine to an international address click on "Book an Export" below.

Click here for a list of participating wineries    


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International shipping process
Thank you all so much, what a fantastic little surprise! Congratulations on a great year and a great job too. We certainly couldn't be happier with the efficient and friendly service we have received.

Here's to another successful round.
Shannon and the Craggy cellardoor team
We got advice today that our office received the parcel, we are delighted. Thanks very much for your efficient arrangements.
I have received the 30 bottles. The package was perfect.Thank you very much for your help and congratulation to all the nzwine home team.

Thank you for sending the Reserve to me in Brisbane. Packaged for the journey really well, and the hand numbered labels are strikingly sophisticated - much like the wine

Congratulations on a great vintage effort. The wine was silky, delicious and well made with a balanced line of acid to help it age.

Please keep me on your list for the next vintage.

All the best