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Personal Delivery Service

Scenario 1:

I am considering purchasing some fine New Zealand wine and wish to send them to an international address.


Scenario 2:

I have already acquired a selection of wine and would like to book a personal export.

We encourage wine consumers to buy wine directly from our participating wineries & retailers. When this occurs wineries & retailers will complete export processing with us directly.  

To view our Export fees and to arrange to send a personal order of wine to an international address click on "Book an Export" below.

Click here for a list of participating wineries    
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If you need any information or assistance..

You can email us at support@nzwinehome.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 946 649

International shipping process
Thanks for your fantastic service; I've enjoyed working with you as you make international deliveries simple.

Kind Regards,
Livvy Tabak
Just to let you know the wine got to both US destinations safe and on time. I wanted to thank you both, and tell you how happy we were about everything you did for us. We are very grateful, and now enjoying the spectacular wines very much.

Thanks again!
I'm just writing to say thank you so much for the brilliant service you guys offer! My NZ wines collection all arrived here safe and sound a few weeks ago. It was the middle of harvest so I forgot to reply then as I was crazy busy. I have already started to sample a few of them. Great to have them by my side again. I run a group on facebook with over 6000 winemakers and other folk in the wine industry. I will be sure to sing your praises with all the members!
Hi Tracy and Stephanie, Just to let you know balance of order arrived last night. Courier knocked on the door at 8 pm...amazing told me that parcel volumes thru the roof and they are struggling to keep up at this time of year...internet shopping has truly arrived !!

Many thanks for following up on the order, great customer service.

Kind regards,
Steve Donoghue-Cox