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Hi Valerie,
Hope you are well. Just wanted to thank you again for being able to send your wines to me in Singapore. They arrived safe and sound a few days ago, and we had the pleasure of opening a couple of bottles over dinner yesterday.
My wife and I really enjoyed the full throttle style of the estate pinot -- it was unexpected, complex and exciting.

Take care and best of luck with the next vintage
Loving working with you guys (& girls!). We really appreciate your
professionalism & good humour too .
Best wishes to you all from Team Carrick!
Carrick Wines
I have received the 30 bottles. The package was perfect.Thank you very much for your help and congratulation to all the nzwine home team.
Thanks for the update - fantastic news, and can’t wait to implement the new pricing. Thank you for constantly striving for these sorts of things - makes you a brilliant company to work with.
Brennan Wines
Hi Tracy and Stephanie, Just to let you know balance of order arrived last night. Courier knocked on the door at 8 pm...amazing told me that parcel volumes thru the roof and they are struggling to keep up at this time of year...internet shopping has truly arrived !!

Many thanks for following up on the order, great customer service.

Kind regards,
Steve Donoghue-Cox
Thank you to you and your team, we really value this partnership and look forward to growing it in the future.
Customer Relationship Manager, Cloudy Bay
Our wines arrived today, thank you. We are very impressed with the quality and care of packaging, in particular the wool pouches for each wine. This gives us great confidence to order again the wines that we generally can’t get over here.
Chris & Susan
Having been a customer of yours I would like to thank you for the great service you provide. It is sometimes difficult to find some of the great Central Otago Pinot Noirs here in Australia but thanks to your company it is now possible
We received our case of wine from Cloudy Bay yesterday. I have to commend you on the packing! It was superbly packaged with Eco friendly materials - and of course arrived in one piece.
We ordered a case from St Emilion, Bordeaux while visiting in September, and the packing was poor, resulting in breakages. They have a lot to learn from you!
Thank you once again

The wine arrived on Friday morning, (their time), and they were so surprised and excited. New Zealand wine in a small county in Texas – quite something.

I just want to acknowledge all your help to make this happen, I am so very grateful. To know that you cared enough to personally keep track of this order certainly made me more confident in the process. Your level of customer service is amazing.
I'm just writing to say thank you so much for the brilliant service you guys offer! My NZ wines collection all arrived here safe and sound a few weeks ago. It was the middle of harvest so I forgot to reply then as I was crazy busy. I have already started to sample a few of them. Great to have them by my side again. I run a group on facebook with over 6000 winemakers and other folk in the wine industry. I will be sure to sing your praises with all the members!
Cloudy Bay has been using nzwinehome for three years, and it has proven to be a reliable, efficient and professional service. We appreciate the excellent customer service and communication, and the genuine partnership approach in working with us to develop and monitor international sales that has helped with our sales strategies.
This is not a problem. Thank you very much for all the work that you guys have done.

We received the last two cases last night (I had to drink one of the Clearview Block Olive Cab Merlots - it was excellent)!

I look forward for the last three bottles.

Again, Ginny and I would like to thank you for all your work.
Thank you all so much for all your hard work. It is incredibly important to us to have this certainty that every order we send to you will be delivered with the same top level of service, packing and attention to detail. You are the final link in our supply chain and we truly appreciate all the work you put in.

Thank you
Business Manager, Dry River
We continue to get nothing but positive feedback from all our overseas clients that you are delivering our wine to

Devotus Wines
Just to let you know the Clearview Cape Kidnappers wines were received today. First class packaging and I thank you for the very professional way my order has been handled from start to conclusion. Very highly rated service indeed and look forward to further transactions in the future.
Graeme (UK)
Just to let you know the wine got to both US destinations safe and on time. I wanted to thank you both, and tell you how happy we were about everything you did for us. We are very grateful, and now enjoying the spectacular wines very much.
Thanks again!