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Commercial Delivery Service

We work in Partnership with New Zealand’s finest Wine Producers and Leading Retailers, supporting them with specialist Direct to International Consumer distribution services. The provision of highest quality export and import services enables our Participating Partners to sell directly, to their customers around the globe.

We operate with consistent and transparent procedures to all major destinations. Our committed team hold vast expertise and experience in export, logistics and wine sales.

In co-operation with our destination import agents, we manage the entire export process including NZ export documentation, destination import clearance, tax & duty payment and final delivery to your customer's door.  We provide specialised wine export packaging, every bottle is handled with care to ensure a safe and timely delivery to your customer.

Outside of our core Logistics service, we can also offer support with developing your online e-commerce sales, Wine Clubs, comprehensive reporting and many other value-added services.

Above all else, your valuable relationship with your customer and your fine New Zealand wines all deserve precious care - and that’s what we deliver

For further information to discuss partnering with NZwinehome please contact us directly: 0800-946-649 or email support@nzwinehome.co.nz 

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NB: We encourage wine consumers to buy wine directly from our participating wineries & retailers. When this occurs wineries & retailers will complete export processing with us directly. There are occasions where consumers have already purchased wines and we therefore provide a personal delivery service option for these requirements. The costs of such service are considerably greater than via the commercial delivery. If you wish to view these costs, visit the personal delivery section and click on "book export". Export fees will show when a country is selected on the drop down list.

Our Delivery Process Explained
Hi Tracy and Stephanie, Just to let you know balance of order arrived last night. Courier knocked on the door at 8 pm...amazing told me that parcel volumes thru the roof and they are struggling to keep up at this time of year...internet shopping has truly arrived !!

Many thanks for following up on the order, great customer service.

Kind regards,
Steve Donoghue-Cox
The customer is on an extended holiday in NZ and did not want it in Oz until mid Feb13 when they return there. So they had instructed us to not dispatch it until Monday 14-Jan-13. We will be sending the goods out next week.

However, a really good customer service call from you guys chasing this up. We really appreciate it and this reinforces our decision to use you for this service
Thanks for your fantastic service; I've enjoyed working with you as you make international deliveries simple.

Kind Regards,
Livvy Tabak
Just to let you know the wine got to both US destinations safe and on time. I wanted to thank you both, and tell you how happy we were about everything you did for us. We are very grateful, and now enjoying the spectacular wines very much.

Thanks again!